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Young People, Families and Schools

Child And Family Focused Support.

Family Counselling: For young people and parents facing challenges.

Child and Family focused therapy services

We know wellbeing at home is key to supporting you and your family. Your child might be experiencing issues with their wellbeing and behaviour and it is easy to overlook your own needs during challenging times. Atrium Clinic works with your child through school services, parenting support and pilot programmes too.

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Service options with Atrium.

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Coaching, counselling and mentoring for young people

Next generation technologies in mediated therapy

Supervision for case work

Counselling support for schools

Neurodivergence support

Family, carer and parenting support

Our service outcomes show:


Satisfaction of our coaching and counselling services


Improvement on specific measures of wellbeing

Nationwide services online. Location based services: Cambridgeshire and Essex.

Nationwide, we offer online and telephone confidential support to young people over 10 years old, from our specialists. We support your child to overcome difficulties but we will always involve you as parents in the work to help them feel better.

Atrium also works in Cambridgeshire and Essex schools to support both school staff and young people. Therapy for young people is supported by the use of Minecraft as a therapeutic intervention. (It is not an official Minecraft product and this therapy is not approved or associated with Mojang or Microsoft). We are also piloting other AI interventions for anxious feelings and trauma for young people and adults.

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Minecraft therapy aids youth counselling.
We are also piloting other AI interventions.
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Stages in service delivery


We work with the parents, school and young person

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We work in a way that suits the young person

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We measure outcomes and goal achievement

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