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Sickness and Holiday Arrangements | Forensic Team.

Sickness and Holiday Arrangements | Forensic Team

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To be read alongside your contract

Non-Attendance for health and sickness reasons

If the Consultant is unable to complete work agreed or be available, for any reason, the Consultant must inform the Company as soon as possible in order to allow the Company to make any necessary alternative arrangements. No payment will be made for non-attendance and absence rates will be monitored through contractor timesheets so do make sure Time sheets are accurate.

Sick Leave/Unplanned Absence
Contractors should:
  • Inform your manager as soon as you can to indicate your absence and the expected duration of time off. You need to update your manager if this expected absence changes.
  • Email colleagues on your team and mental health team of your absence
  • Email or text your manager to communicate your actions above.
  • Ask the Atrium team or mental health team to inform your clients of your absence and to record on S1 that this has been done.
  • Ask for confirmation via email that your clients have been informed of your absence.
  • On your return to work update your ledger for the period of absence by cancelling clients (cancelled by unit) and recording on journal reason for cancellation was due to Therapist unplanned absence.
  • The Company reserves the right to reallocate work.
  • The Consultant should confirm with the Company when they are intending to return and should telephone the Company prior to returning to confirm that work is still available and has not be re-allocated.
For other health appointments including dentistry:
  • Notify your manager as soon as possible and go through the process as above.
For family matters requiring time off:
  • Notify your manager as soon as possible and follow process.
Annual Leave/Holidays
  • Make a request for annual leave/holiday at least 1 month before the leave by email.
  • If the leave is agreed, let colleagues and essential parties know and make any arrangements as agreed with manager to prepare for absence.
  • Inform your clients of annual leave.
  • Let manager know of actions taken and any changes.
  • Book clients on ledger prior to annual leave, for when you return from annual leave.
  • The company reserves the right to turn down leave requests if the continuity or safety of services to clients is likely to be impeded.
Supervision attendance
  • Ensure attendance meets your professional and contracted arrangements.
  • Notify the supervisor as soon as possible if you cannot attend.
  • Your supervision attendance is monitored and insufficient supervision could contribute to reallocation of contractor work.
Last Review Date: August 2023
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