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Client Portal Example.

Welcome to your client portal.

Welcome to the client portal example.

To connect with Atrium Clinic, use the provided phone number or email address, or if you would like to send us a message, please the contact form below.

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Dear Colleagues,

Ensuring your well-being and mental health is a top concern for [Company Name]. By collaborating to boost your health and happiness, we enhance workplace productivity.

Through our association with Atrium Clinic, you can easily access their clinically approved resources. These resources encompass brief online courses, guidance, coaching, and counselling. If required, support for financial and legal concerns impacting your well-being is also available.

Company EAP Policy


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Company Wellbeing Policy
Company Wellbeing Events and Activities

Coaching and Counselling Access.

Please submit a form for counselling or coaching in confidence if you prefer in the first instance or call the office whereupon you will be assessed in confidence by our trained staff so we can understand more about your needs to get you to the right help.

You will be given an appointment to suit you and allocated to a practitioner who will email you to set up an online consultation and send you a consent for service form and some guidance about what to expect from your support intervention.

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Here are resources available to you through your affiliation with Atrium Clinic.

Anger Management

Burn out and what to do about it

Compulsions and what to do about them

Don’t worry about what other people think

Drugs, is there a problem?

Embarrassment And How To Manage It

Exercise- is good for mental health

Loss and Grief

Managing low mood


Menopause and Wellbeing

Mental Health and Suicide

Money worries

Moving from Tradition-Based to Competence-Based Psychotherapy

Parenting checklist and article

Parenting Stress

Resilience And Coping Resource Pack

Resilience and how to build resilience

Science behind mindful meditation

Self Confidence and Self Belief


Stress Management At Work


Unhelpful Thinking

Wellbeing resource pack

Work-Life Balance and how to achieve it

Worries and Anxiety

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Policies and Key Information

Wellbeing Assessments

Atrium Clinic has produced research-based resources to support self-assessment for self-improvers, wellbeing coaching and counselling interventions or as managerial and workplace discussion starters. These tests and quizzes are not clinically administered or validated diagnostic tools but contribute to self-directed support and curiosity.

Anxiety Test
Assertiveness Test
Carer’s Test
Developmental Leadership Style
Difficult Relationships At Work
Empowerment At Work
Engagement At Work
Inclusivity and Flexibility At Work
Influence Role In The Change Process
Leading Virtual Teams
Managing Conflict At Work
Menopause Work Impact Questionnaire
Mood Questionnaire
Motivation To Change Questionnaire
Parenting Questionnaire
Positive Outlook Questionnaire
Professional Carer Impact Inventory
Quick Wellbeing Check In (Work)
Relational Work Style
Situational Stress Questionnaire
Relationship Review Questionnaire
Remote Working Questionnaire
Self Esteem And Self Efficacy
Self Management Inventory For Stress Management
Situational Stress Questionnaire
Social Adaptability Scale
Work Motivation
Virtual Team Competence

Forensic Documents

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[Company Name]
Empowers Employees to Take Control of Their Well-Being.

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