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CORE | CORE 10 For Workplace Clients.

CORE | CORE 10 For Workplace Clients

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Policy and Key Information

How to Add Core 10 Sessions and Manage this Client Pathway.
(a) Step 1

Having taken the employee client details and completed the paper version of Core 10, the Coordinating team should enter the data on Core Net as follows: –

Go to Menu and ‘Add a new client’.

New Client

Enter the Client ID, the Therapist ID Subsite, Gender, and then click on the Client Home Page and click Next to move to the next screen. Please ensure that the new coding system is used to denote the Client ID and the client is entered on the correct workplace subsite.

Client Home Page

The top of the Client Home Page will show the Client name, the Therapist’s name, and the Subsite. It will also show the ‘Status’ as ‘referred.’ Please note that the ‘Status’ will have to be changed after the client has had the session.

Complete the information required in the sections headed ‘Client details, GP Details, Disabilities and Referrer Details.’ In the section headed ‘Admin Notes,’ the client’s full name is entered with the relevant details relating to the initial telephone consultation.

This would normally be the extent of the entries undertaken by Jemma and Clare. However, further entries need to be actioned to facilitate the updating of Core 10.

(b) Step 2

To update the Core 10, the coordinators need to first liaise with the Therapist assigned to work with the employee client and agree a date and time for the session. When this has then been agreed with the employee client, the next step is to open the Client Home Page and go to the section: ‘Sessions click to add a new session.’

The ‘Session’ page will appear.

Go to the ‘Session Details’ and complete

(1) Session Date: enter the date of the first session.

(2) Stage: chose’ First Session’ from the drop-down box

(3) Status: this will show ‘Booked’ Please don’t change this status until the client has had their first session

(4) Therapist: enter the Therapist name

Next go to User Codes

(a) Enter relevant Appointment Medium

(b) Enter DNA information if the client doesn’t attend

Next go to ‘Which Outcome Measure do you want for this session?

You will need to enter the OM which states ‘Outcome Measure where I can enter the answers from a paper form.

This will take you to the ‘Measures’ page for you to complete the Core 10.

Once the Core 10 has been completed and saved the system will take you to the ‘Session Summary’ page which, via the means of a graph, indicates the clinical assessment of the client and whether their scores exceed the clinical cut off, of 10.

Go to the Menu on the left-hand side of the screen and click on the Client’s name to return to the Client’s Home Page.

Step 3

Important Note for Therapists.

In all cases, the Therapy Assessment Form and the End of Therapy Form must be completed for the employee client’s session.

Please also ensure that (1) all questions are answered on the Core 10, otherwise this data will not be reflected in Data Quality and (2) that the ‘Status’ is changed from ‘Booked’ to ‘Attended’ on the client’s ‘Session’ page as this will also affect Data Quality.

Guide for Practitioners

GP CORE is a low intensity measure looking at mean item score of 17 or less as clinical threshold Mild/Moderate, CORE 10 clinical threshold 22 on mean items Moderate/Severe including a high intensity risk measure for suicidal thoughts.

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