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Data Protection | Atrium Data Security Survey.

Data Protection | Atrium Data Security Survey

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Policy and Key Information

Induction and Annual Review

Leadership: I feel data security and protection are important for my organisation. Yes/NO

Polices: I know the rules about who I share data with and how. YES/NO

Policies: I know who to ask questions about data security in my organisation. YES/NO
Use of Data: I am happy data is used legally and securely in my organisation. YES/NO

Sharing data securely: I know how to use and transmit data securely. YES/NO

Using data legally and securely: I feel that patient /client confidentiality is more important than sharing information for individual care. YES/NO

Processes:  The tools and processes used by my organisation make it easy to use and transmit data securely. YES/NO

Raising concern: I can raise concerns about unsecure or unlawful uses of data, and I know that these will be acted on without personal recrimination. YES/NO

Laws and principles: I understand the important laws and principles on data sharing, and when I should and should not share data. YES/NO

Data sharing questions: If I have a question about sharing data lawfully and securely I know where to seek help. YES/NO

Personal responsibility: I take personal responsibility for handling data securely.

Training: The data security training offered by my organisation supports me in understanding how to use data lawfully and securely.

Access to information: The level of access I have to IT systems holding sensitive information, is appropriate.

Reporting: I know how to report a data security breach.

Incidents: When there is a data security incident my organisation works quickly to address it.

Learning Lessons: When there is a data security incident, or near miss, my organisation learns lessons and makes changes to prevent it happening again.

Contingency plan: If a data security incident was to prevent technology from working in my organisation, I know how to continue doing the critical parts of my job.

Additional comments:

Please review the explanatory version of this survey too! For more support contact Sara Ireland or Becky Hall/Forensics

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