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Data Protection | Consent to Receive Services.

Data Protection | Consent to Receive Services

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Policy and Key Information

Consent to Receive Atrium Services

The Atrium Clinic and Therapy Centre offers private or contracted coaching and therapy services. In order to provide you with our services, we will collect personal data from you.

Who is this policy for?

This policy can be shared on the telephone (read it out) with clients to or sent out by coordinator of services/practitioners before sessions start by email. We assume terms are accepted unless you tell us otherwise before service commences. This policy can be cross referenced with the Atrium Data Protection Policy.


All our coaches, counsellors and clinical trainers abide by a professional Code of Practice and Ethics, which ensures the confidentiality of your sessions. Other members of staff may need access to your records for administration or audit purposes. All Atrium staff are bound by our own confidentiality agreement and the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018. For access to our full privacy notice, please request a copy from your practitioner or other member of staff.

Under normal circumstances, no details that would identify you or the issues discussed will be revealed outside the Atrium Clinic team. However, an Atrium practitioner will need to disclose personal information where there is a threat of serious harm to yourself or others, at home or in the workplace. In these circumstances, you would normally be made aware of our obligations to break confidentiality and we would prefer to obtain your support to do so.

In the event of any queries, you can contact the following people:

Dr. Sara Ireland about how your care was arranged or delivered Telephone: 01702 332857.

From time to time, we may seek information to track our progress in the work and regarding the services we provide.  In addition, we may contact you and send you information via email that we feel may be of interest to you.

All our practitioners are subject to requirements for clinical supervision where they may need to discuss cases they are dealing with. All clinical supervision sessions take place in private on a regular basis.

All practitioners are required to keep brief session records. Only registration records are kept for learning pathway clients.


If you need to cancel an appointment, you must give at least 48 hours’ notice, otherwise you will forfeit the session. Payments can be made via the office by telephone or online if agreed with your practitioner.

There may be an occasion(s) when Atrium has to cancel an appointment at short notice, due to counsellor absence/sickness, however the payment will be carried over to the next mutually convenient appointment.

Agreement to These Terms

We understand that you may withdraw this permission in writing at any time. This may mean that Atrium is no longer able to provide you with services. Atrium assumes you are accepting these terms unless you tell us otherwise before we provide a service to you.

Your practitioner will confirm that you have received these terms and agree to them in the first session.

Atrium Clinic and Therapy Centre is a limited company registered in England and Wales. Registered number 03732139

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