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Health & Safety Policy.

Health & Safety Policy

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Policy and Key Information

Remote working practitioners: Public, community and workplace

It is the aim of the Company to provide a safe and healthy working environment for its employees. (And to advise self -employed practitioners to check their professional guidance in respect of keeping themselves safe at home whilst working for Atrium.) It is an employee’s responsibility to familiarise him/herself with this Health and safety Statement and other associated Protection Policies. Atrium is committed to providing a safe and environmentally responsible place of work, for our employees and all those affected by our activities.

To meet this objective, the business shall:
  • Meet all applicable health, safety and environmental laws and regulations;
  • Provide safe and healthy conditions for work and systems or advise on safer home working;
  • Ensure that all employees assigned with specific roles in relation to health, safety and environment performance are fully aware of their responsibilities and accept them;
  • Consult regularly with employees and outside agencies in relation to health, safety and environmental performance;
  • Provide appropriate training, advice and equipment as is necessary and advisable e.g. Data protection awareness training;
  • Record notification of hazards and accidents and incorporate improvements suggested as a result of investigations arising out of such incidents; and
  • Provide written safety instructions for any job that carries a risk of accident or injury EG. Risk assessment screening, safety planning training.
In order to operate this policy, employees and practitioners will be required to meet the following:
  • To be personally responsible for one’s own health and safety and for others;
  • To be responsible for ensuring that any equipment continues to be safe in its operation and properly maintained and, overall to prevent injury being caused either to oneself, fellow employees, customers of any other individuals
  • To be familiar with policies and processes that guide Atrium work
  • To be responsible for reporting all accidents/incidents as they occur to CEO.
Working in the Atrium office
  • From 2020, the named main place of work for our pathway and therapeutic service delivery for employed staff, is their home with some office attendance by agreement and to meet the business needs.
  • Atrium only expects employees to be in the office during standard office hours (9am-5pm) or by agreed exception e.g. for specific Atrium client appointments when another member of staff should be present (evenings/weekends) or out of hours Atrium meetings
  • Administration and other employed staff are expected to read the office safety procedures and comply EG. Fire
  • Report hazards and risks to health and safety to Maz/resident Landlord and concerns to Health and safety lead/CEO
Working from home
  • Staff are required to identify a safe place to work which adheres to our data protection and confidentiality requirements. Can confidential paper and files be locked away? Can you be overheard discussing clients? Is your broadband secure? Are you password protected in your laptop? Are you shredding paper safely if you have to use paper? (Preference; paperless office)
  • Staff are required to risk assess their homes/workstations for safety and report back to the health and safety lead /CEO
  • Electric in work area – are sockets overloaded, trailing leads and trip hazards spotted and addressed?
    Chairs, desks/tables and appliances-are they positioned to avoid eye, back, shoulder, neck strains?
  • Is lighting, temperature and ventilation appropriate?
  • Employees are invited to indicate they have risk assessed their environment (every April) and working conditions annually and that they meet the standard for safe working. In some cases, Atrium will finance modifications to home working arrangements to ensure safer home working to meet the needs of the business.
Supporting staff to manage their wellbeing whilst working predominately from home.
  • Atrium encourages staff to visit the office to manage potential isolation or create a change of space by agreement with the team.
  • Atrium invites staff to have regular check-ins with manager where your wellbeing will be considered with you.
  • Requesting that staff complete an annual Engagement and Wellbeing survey to monitor wellbeing in the company.
  • Access to peer, reflective and clinical supervision for those working in clinical practice including external provision if boundaries might be impacted otherwise.
  • Online meetings and or face to face meetings when safe to do so and practical in terms of geographical access.
  • Being included in social occasions if and when accessible/practical/safe.
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