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Induction | Atrium Coaching and Counselling Services Described – For Practitioners.

Induction | Atrium Coaching and Counselling Services Described – For Practitioners

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Policy and Key Information

Community – self funded

Client screened by pathway team using entry questions, risk assessment and CORE GP or 10

Client matched with practitioner and appointment made and telephone or Zoom agreed. The practitioner will be advised by the pathway team to send out the template confirmation email to the client for Zoom meetings and the Powerpoint adapted to each practitioner.

Session 1 -The first session of counselling could be the last so bear that in mind! The focus of this session is another CORE 10/GP to make sure no changes or you cannot include a CORE measure if no changes but this will impact your data quality score and client journey through CORE.

The aim of the first session is to
  • Ensure client gives Consent to receive services from us.
  • Client has opportunity to express concerns and understand our offer
  • Client tells their story and practitioner and client work through a history and on a joint collaborative formulation/assessment. Please note any disabilities or presenting conditions on CORE. You may get as far as goals for the work if it goes beyond a single session.
  • There is an agreement whether the client would like to have more sessions with us and together a broad indicator of how many that could be to achieve the plan for the work.
  • Write up a shared note with the client on key learning from the session, a joint agreement on next data/time for another appointment, an outline plan for what the work would include to meet client’s needs and let client know that you will communicate next appointment to the Atrium office and they will be in touch to collect payment. The number of sessions is down to you and the client to decide based on your judgment and the client’s expressed wishes.
Make sure CORE status is shifted and assessment note is added.

Single session –If it becomes apparent that the client only wants a single session, ensure they have a plan for self improvement and signposting to other services, a safety plan if they are proceeding to other services, waits for other services or are vulnerable to distress. Let them know the route to come back to Atrium and the ‘listening service’ booked by appointment through the office. If they want the listening service, refer them back to the office and link with the trainee practitioner to close after that session on CORE. If the listening service is used after the registered practitioner has completed their work , a new episode might be opened in CORE but only to offer the ‘ listening and refreshing role’ agreed otherwise a practitioner led service needs to be re-started. If it is a single session please refer clients to our psychometric section on the website to use tools that can help them monitor their wellbeing.

Workplace services

Atrium works with businesses in different ways and different service lines. The products and services continue to grow so you need to take advice from the pathway team to make sure you are following the agreed protocol for each business and service. Example service lines are below but protocols evolve and change so keep checking with the pathway team. Each new business client receives a consultation where protocols for seeking approvals for further sessions and other company preferences are agreed and that document is referred to by the pathway team. You should assume that you are using a CORE measure in each session unless one has just been collected or it is a single session in a coaching pathway where the risk assessment is already done for you to save time.

Care Concern group

We offer telephone support primarily to CARE home staff across 42 Homes. Staff are currently advised to go to their manager to ask for a reference for a session with us. They are reception – intake screened and matched to a practitioner. You should assume that this session is a single session until you have assessed and agree the goals with the client. (See single session and listening service advice above.) If the client and you agree that more work is required you can provisionally book the next appointment but you then need to

  • Notify office to seek approval for next session giving some indication of expectation of number of sessions work will take as discussed with client. There will be no expectation to break client confidentiality, merely that the client has accessed the service so the business can monitor usage and their budget. The office will advise and update you ensuring that no client confidential data is shared in emails and sensitive communication is directed via CORE across all company staff.
Coaching pilot companies through Practical HR partner

Following on from a survey of wellbeing, individual responses are assessed to see if they meet threshold to activate an invitation to have a wellbeing coaching session. These are typically 30 minutes but can go on longer by mutual agreement and practitioners can charge up to an hour. Practitioners receive the individual survey but the focus of the session should be on the client’s goals. The coaching session aims to be problem assessing and goal centred for the review, recognize strengths and previous successful strategies to kick start increase coping capacity, a quick plan for continued wellbeing improvement including resourcing and signposting. If further work is required then by agreement with the client and based on a shared formulation and plan further sessions for an hour can be requested from the business. You can book a provisional session with the client and inform the office of the next appointment and the plan/ how many sessions likely and they will seek approval from the business. Client confidentiality is protected but anonymised information (on numbers engaged in coaching and further sessions) is shared.

30 minute sessions- these can be agreed with office knowledge in general work and by client preference.

Face to face work – this is sometimes enabled for clients close to local offices where there is practitioner capacity and safe working scope without added cost to the business.

Training and learning bitesize for businesses

These are arranged to meet the client’s needs and colleagues with appropriate training and experience will be matched to the work.

Forensic pathway

This is a separate pathway and run independently from the linked community and workplace streams.

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