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Induction | Atrium Training Policy.

Induction | Atrium Training Policy

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Policy and Key Information

Training and Development Policy

Atrium Clinic is committed to the training and development of all practitioners and employees. Induction training is given to every practitioner and staff member to fulfil their role. We offer an induction checklist to support new starters in navigating essential reading and setting up key appointments with other team members. Training is designed to improve effectiveness at work by allowing employees to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to meet personal, group and organisational objectives. Employees and practitioners are encouraged to discuss with their manager, the relevant training which enables them to carry out their job more efficiently. Training is also context specific and individuals may be required to do mandatory training to comply with specific service pathway requirements. Your manager will advise you. Training and Development will also be discussed at staff reviews and staff can access the Community of Practice portal to be updated on training opportunities and to access key resources for learning. Atrium recognises that many of our practitioners also have private practices or other jobs and that they may wish to share their CPD and skills within our training records. Atrium records do not replace the requirements for practitioners to manage their own CPD records for professional body compliance purposes.

The Company Undertakes To:
  • Provide induction training for all new practitioners and employees and refresher courses for established practitioners/employees whenever possible. We offer peer buddies too and access to peer support groups.
  • Ensure that all future training needs are discussed at interviews and reviews/supervision sessions and that plans agreed are followed up.
  • Provide information in relation to the Company, any opportunities for advancement within it and training opportunities available.
  • Allow employees to take time off with pay to attend training or learning events that are related to their job requirements and are approved by senior management.
  • Facilitate resource sharing, access to e-library and professional journals for continued professional development.
  • Maintain records of CPD activity and professional interests/strengths to support our development of services.
  • Monitor and evaluate training and learning networks and share feedback with our community.
  • Collect data on our training and development practices as a company so we can improve how we support and develop all staff and practitioners.
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