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Roleplay Checklist for New Starters | Community and Workplace.

Roleplay Checklist for New Starters | Community and Workplace

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Policy and Key Information

Did the practitioner?
  • Send the client any additional information as required.
  • Greet client warmly.
  • Explain the context (consent to share and confidentiality, note keeping, check in on Atrium Terms accepted, check expectations and pathway eg. workplace, which one).
  • Check for client questions and understanding as the process went on?
  • Check any changes to CORE assessment at the beginning of the session and re-run if required by pathway protocol or because client assessment looks risky or client says things have changed. Ask additional risk assessment questions if required.
  • Ask the client for their main goal of therapy? (Sub-goals, how we can achieve them in sessions too).
  • Take a history and share a brief formulation (past and current as appropriate) capable of being built upon through subsequent sessions if more than one session is agreed as a way going forward with client.
  • Show warmth.
  • Listen well and show appropriate empathy to client and their perspective (questioning, reassurance, sharing ideas, eliciting client strengths to guide focus on solutions, understanding of their context and network of support).
  • Balance structure with listening and client centredness/client interest as a priority.
  • Does the client feel they have gained from the session?
  • Demonstrate an understanding of safety planning and safeguarding process if required.
  • Engage client in a summary of the session, learning next steps and any matters that need clarification eg. Does workplace pay for more than one session and approval route.
    Appropriate use of CORE recording and system management.
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