Commonly asked questions about our services to the public.


Tell me more about how Atrium services work.

Are your staff qualified? Yes all our psychologists, therapists and coaches are qualified to support you.

How long will I attend sessions for? That depends on your needs. The research says many people only need to attend a single session. Others need more. When you finish your course of coaching or therapy, you will have access by appointment to our free listening service for the next 3 months. You can discuss this with your practitioner. We do keep a record of consultations but we ensure we are compliant with the laws of Data Protection. Please get in touch with the office for more information on our policy. 

Is the session confidential? Yes unless you are at risk of harm or others from you or you request us to share information in the interests of your continuity of care. Please get in touch with the office for more detail of our safeguarding policy.

Can I choose my practitioner? We tend to match up clients by availability and expertise of the practitioner. If things don’t work out we will try to change the practitioner or find another external service for you if that is better for you.

How much will I pay? That depends on your service pathway but some 30 minute sessions are offered too if you are self-funding. Virtual wellbeing coaching and counselling support is £65 per hour. 

How long do sessions last? Sessions will last up to an hour but some of that time will be spent checking in on your wellbeing, reviewing the previous session if relevant, measuring your progress to achieve your goals, setting an agenda for the session and agreeing a summary of the session and future plan with your practitioner.

What if I have to cancel? Please give us 48 hours notice to avoid being charged and we will re-book your session.  Please don’t worry. Our office coordinator can support you every step of the way. We can be on the other end of the telephone to help!

How do I complain?

Please call the office or email us and we can send you the policy and explain the process.