Creating Change Together

Supporting you to improve wellbeing

Atrium Clinic and Wellbeing Centre is a nationwide mental health and wellbeing service employing clinical and expert wellbeing specialists for ‘real human connection’  alongside our digital information and product delivery. We empower you to thrive rather than just get by. We understand that you don’t want to wait for services and you want appointments that work for you. If you get help sooner, you are likely to manage your problems more quickly and reduce the need for extra services. 

We work across the spectrum of wellbeing online and by telephone.

We offer 

  • Expert, bespoke and interactive learning modules on wellbeing and mental health matters.
  • Coaching to address life (life and health coaching), work (work/career coaching and business wellbeing ‘check-ins’)
  • Counselling and therapy via our telephone and virtual services wherever you are. We offer some face-to-face counselling options and specialist resources for our partners and clients.

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Core Services we offer