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Is your partner annoying you?

New research explains that the hassles of living with someone can increase the bonds between you in the longer term. It is also worth noting that when you are stressed these irritating behaviours can become more negative and impactful in our minds so before you abandon the relationship because s/he is too irritating, check out what has changed for you recently.

Researchers list some of the annoyances-

Eating or drinking loudly
Being on your mobile phone when the other is talking.
Messiness in the kitchen/bathroom
Not clearing up/tidying generally
Talking through a TV programme
Venting about work or your day
Bedtime habits
What are the main irritating behaviours in your partner or those with whom you live?

If you can begin to hold the other’s foibles with affection and discuss them fondly, these short- term irritants can become part of intimacy in the longer term and something that your partner accepts about you and wouldn’t want to change.


Rauers, A., & Riediger, M. (2023). Ease of Mind or Ties That Bind? Costs and Benefits of Disclosing Daily Hassles in Partnerships. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 14(5), 551-561.

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