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Making the most of the Holidays

The summer holidays are here again. There may be extra complications this year; cancelled flights by airlines, queues to get away and worries about holiday spending at a time when people are worried about the rise in the cost of living.

Good holidays relate to our state of mind. They aren’t measured by how far you go or how much you spend. Think about what you want from your holiday period in advance and what you don’t want. Share this with those you love and show an interest in what they seek and what they want to avoid! Acknowledge how you feel about the holiday period and how it informs your experience. Set a budget and make a plan.

If you anticipate difficulties in your journey to a holiday destination, see it as an adventure and as part of the trip. People pay extra for that! If you are staying local, identify all the free things to do and lovely places to visit. Calendar events and outings so your family can see what the holiday looks like. Take picnics rather than eat out if money is tight; get ice cream cones from the supermarket and make your own ice creams at home. Make the most of exercise and being outside every day and prepare treasure hunts in local parks and family fun games.

If rest and feeling close to your family, is your plan then don’t get stuck on the little things. Forgive and move on! Delight in the good things and cultivate the fun and memory making. If you need time for yourself, plan, communicate and take it! When you go to bed look at what you have done, what went well and reasons to be grateful. If you feel stressed practise relaxation and mindfulness techniques to ease the sleep in and prepare yourself for a new day.

Holidays are created in the mind, remembered in the mind and felt in the moment.

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