Self monitoring….

Sometimes we feel good or our wellbeing dips and we notice. It may be that you start to feel better and in hindsight, realise that you have been feeling ‘off’ or ‘tired’. It can be hard to name what is troubling us or making us tired. Consider a self review to help you drill down into aspects of life that may be draining you.

There are other times when you might find yourself  dwelling on matters and you need reminding of strategies to distract yourself. Consider using  a wellbeing prompt or app to remind you of solutions.

We all just feel a bit lost on occasions; out of touch with how we work or what matters to us. Take stock and re-assess what matters and what makes you, you. Do your own wellbeing check-ins. Engage with friends to connect over things that matter and stories that engage you.

But when you feel good, connect with that. Enjoy the moment and how you feel. Suck it up and let it sustain you and feed you. Capture it, and understand more about ‘why then’ after the moment has been fully lived. Self monitor those good moments too so you can be your best coach to yourself.

If you want to see how Atrium tools can help you monitor your wellbeing; visit the Atrium homepage and scroll down menu to self assessment resources