Loneliness and social isolation in the workplace – why does it matter?


In a world as connected as it is today it is perverse to think that loneliness is on the rise. Increasing numbers of us are feeling more socially isolated than ever. Loneliness can have long-lasting and damaging effects on our physical health and is a risk factor for mental illness. Mental ill health costs businesses in the UK an estimated £42-45 bn annually. Costs to companies that can be attributed as a direct result of loneliness is currently less well understood but is significant. Businesses can do much to help tackle loneliness and mental health issues within their workforce. Each business is unique, and solutions need to be tailored to the individual company but developing a culture of inclusion, encouraging staff to talk openly about problems and supporting social interaction and communities within the company can all lead to a happier, more productive workforce. 

August 2020

Dr Paul Husselbee – Atrium Clinic


Our services


Company assessments look at culture, compliance, costs and identify areas of weakness within the business.

Individual assessments identify issues and create self-awareness and track progress. This data will drive tailored training and development content to be delivered. 


A mental health 101 course to raise awareness, change culture and remove stigma. This is a great way to build engagement, and improve knowledge.

Delivered in person as a half day course, or online with modules which can be completed on demand. 

Training and development

Tailored to an individual, our courses build personal skills to improve Capacity. 

Courses are comprised of modules, delivered using innovative digital media, in person or online. 

The course can be delivered as 6 weekly modules, or in a half day course.  

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