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Wellbeing is a mixture of things…

Wellbeing is not a one element but combines several.

It is impacted by physical and emotional health, the relationships in our life, our current challenges often beyond our control and external to us, our beliefs and general optimism about life’s course, our belief in our own coping abilities and skills to manage challenges and setbacks, our appreciation of our strengths and our basic financial security to live a reasonable life with purpose. If you work, then good relationships at work, a manager’s support and a basic belief in the value of your work goes a long way to support wellbeing.

Wellbeing can be unsettled when some of these elements  fall out of line. Emotional health can be rocked when our physical health, or difficulties or relationships around us demand too much from us. Sometimes our mental health seems to deteriorate for no specific reason or perhaps you can relate it to a time of year or a pattern.

It’s hard work attending to all the elements that feed our wellbeing and it is easy to forget to take the time to relax, renew and refresh. No-one can keep going long term without some down- time and you might need energy in reserve for the next challenge to come along.

Good wellbeing is a tank fuelled for an uncertain journey and being able to just notice and enjoy right now.

How is your wellbeing in 2022?

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