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Contracted Partner Services.

Contracted mental health services to NHS, Health and Community Agency Partners.

Atrium partners with NHS, other mental health service providers, occupational health services and community partners associated with counselling and wellbeing services.

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What We Do.

Find out how we can help you and your needs.

Specialist talking and clinical therapy services: forensic probation complex

Specialist clinical supervision for case work and bespoke trainings

Specialist therapy training and parent support programmes for neurodivergence.

Primary care mental health and therapy services

Clinical partner to technology mediated projects and therapies in mental health

Research and evaluation as part of specialist therapy interventions

School based Minecraft and VR pilot programmes

We work with everyone who needs our help.

We work with everyone who needs our help in a range of services. We work as part of a multi-disciplinary teams in specialist areas including probation and forensic settings to improve the wellbeing of our clients.

These are challenging environments, and many clients have suffered in their lives and not received the support they require. Atrium provides brief structured intervention so clients can address other difficulties and improve their life prospects.

Specialist Forensic Services

We are proud to work across our communities in partnership to improve wellbeing and mental health for all.

If you want to know more how we can support you temporarily or longer term in delivering primary care level therapy services, please feel free to get in touch.

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Case Studies:


Single Session Assessment and Wellbeing Plan


Mental Health Struggles


ADHD Coaching


Mental Health Struggles


Mental Health Struggles
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