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Workplace Wellbeing Services.


Mental health and wellbeing services at work

Leading wellbeing in your business

As  wellbeing lead for your business, you may face challenges supporting staff across the wellbeing continuum; promoting wellbeing for the well and addressing the needs of those with pre and diagnosed conditions with their escalating difficulties.  The take-up rate of help through traditional EAPs remains low and their trained staff may be limited by the number of counselling and therapy sessions they can offer and by their limited clinical expertise. At Atrium we work with you to ensure those who need help most, get it when they need it and and with the right professional. Pay-as-you go service options are available so you know what you are getting for your money. We can provide reports on activity and clinical outcomes to help you evaluate the service.

We offer

We are occupational and counselling psychologists, therapists and mental health practitioners. Most of the team are Masters level practitioners. We can design surveys and needs assessments as well as meet individual employee needs. Our team are registered with BACP, NCS, HCPC and are qualified to ensure the highest level of service to you.

Why Choose Atrium?

We utilise wellbeing assessment surveys, self directed resources, training for staff, access to tools including psychometrics, coaching as well as counselling.

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93% Satisfaction of our coaching and counselling services.
87% Improvement on specific measures of wellbeing.

How We Work

There are good reasons why Atrium is the service of choice in your business to support the wellbeing of staff. We cater to meet the needs of SME business staff from prevention to management of mental health distress. We support staff to improve their coping skills and take responsibility for a personal wellbeing improvement plan.

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In a recent study, over 80% of employees invited to our wellbeing coaching sessions took up the offer of help and 92% found it useful.

What’s different about Atrium?

The stigma around mental health stops employees accessing EAP support and other help of their own volition. At Atrium, we promote the use of a confidential business wellbeing and engagement survey delivered to identify those who need help. In a recent study, over 80% of employees invited to our wellbeing coaching sessions took up the offer of help and 92% found it useful. The combination of these two approaches mean that our up-take of help is a lot higher than standard EAPs.

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Professional and qualified staff

We select evidence-based solutions to support staff needs. As such we have a diverse team of experts -occupational and counselling psychologists, mental health nurses and accredited counsellors.

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Elevating Employee Engagement: Atrium’s Proven Wellbeing Survey Approach

Benefits Calculator.

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If you have 50 employees, the chances are that 8 of them will be struggling emotionally and you are losing about £50,000 per year in turnover and lost working days.

If you have a 100 employees, 17 colleagues are typically suffering with roughly 439 lost working days to your organisation.

With a staff count of 200, not only are you losing over £200,000 per year by not addressing wellbeing but 156 of your other employees are still vulnerable to severe mental health in the future.

We can work alongside your organisation to help you reduce mental health absence by as much as 45% and improve productivity by 8%, typically. More than that, we can help you show your staff that you care about them.

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