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Workplace Terms – Consent For Services

Terms for Workplace

We assume terms are accepted unless you tell us otherwise before the service commences. Please request additional policy information from the Atrium office. Each business has a slightly different service delivery model with Atrium so please call Atrium office if you have queries about your specific service offer from your employer.


All our coaches, counsellors and clinical trainers abide by a professional Code of Practice and Ethics, which ensures the confidentiality of your sessions. Other members of staff may need access to your records for administration purposes. All Atrium staff are bound by our own confidentiality agreement and the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018. For access to our full privacy notice and other policies, please request a copy from our office team.

2. Safeguarding you

Under normal circumstances, no details that would identify you or the issues discussed will be revealed, to your employer or anyone else outside the Atrium Clinic. However, an Atrium practitioner will need to disclose personal information where there is a threat of serious harm to yourself or others, at home or in the workplace. In these circumstances, you would normally be made aware of our obligations to break confidentiality and we would prefer to obtain your support to do so. We also encourage you where possible to speak to your employer so you can benefit from additional support if appropriate if your work is likely to be impacted. We also work with you to support you into further help through more specialist NHS services if required and with your permission.

3. Notification of appointments, further support, resources and follow-ups

From time to time we may seek information to track our progress in our service delivery to you. In addition, we may contact you and send you information via text or email that we feel may be of interest to you. Your pathway coordinator can advise you or further services that might be offered and when but do let us know if you do not want us to contact you.

5. Cancellations

Please give us 48 hours notice of a cancellation so we can re-book your session without charge to your organisation.

6. Approvals for sessions

Every business has a different approach to agreeing funded support for their employees. The pathway team will let you know your employer’s process for agreeing access to further support but sometimes these processes mean there will be a time lag in your next session being approved. Your practitioner may offer you a provisional appointment until approval is given and alternative and additional options for support will always be offered to you before our service closes.

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