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Workplace Wellbeing Coaching

Frequently asked questions

1.What happens in a Wellbeing Coaching session?

The Atrium pathway coordinating team will already have told you the name of your wellbeing specialist. In the first session, your wellbeing specialist will introduce themselves to you. They will check- in on your wellbeing at the beginning of the session to see if there are any changes since you were assessed on entry to our wellbeing service. All our wellbeing specialists are trained professionals and they are nice people!

2. How does confidentiality work?

The wellbeing specialist will explain the Atrium policy on confidentiality and our safeguarding responsibilities to you and you will be invited to agree those terms.

In summary, we will not let your employer know about your difficulties without your consent unless there is a safeguarding issue, in which case we aim to talk to you first.

3. Who pays?

You won’t have to pay for your session as your workplace has agreed to pay for a single session already. We may have to get approval from your employer for further sessions if you wanted them and if we felt that it was required.

4. How long will the session last? Will it be on the telephone or via Zoom?

You will be able to agree with the Atrium pathway coordinators whether your session is 30 minutes or 60 minutes when they contact you for the first time to set up your service account. If you need further sessions, these will typically be 60 minute sessions. Your wellbeing specialist will telephone you at your appointment time on the number that you give but it may come up as number withheld. If you have poor mobile reception or prefer Zoom for your wellbeing coaching session or subsequent sessions, let the pathway team know or your wellbeing coach and we can arrange for a medium that works for you.

5. Do I need to prepare?

Make sure you are in a place where you can talk freely and confidentially when you join your wellbeing coaching session. Your wellbeing specialist will always ask you what your goals are for your single session so we can focus on the areas of your concern and work together to agree the next steps for you to move forward at the end of the session. This may include further sessions with your wellbeing specialist if required. The wellbeing coach may agree a plan with you to call you back if the telephone or Zoom connection breaks up but if there is a prolonged problem Atrium will help you re-book your session.

6. How do I change the time of the appointment or cancel?.

We know lives are busy and ‘stuff happens’! Just call the office 48 hours before the appointment date to change it and there will be no charge for the session. In exceptional circumstances or for events beyond your control, we try to be understanding and re-book sessions without charge.

7. What happens if I do not get on with the Wellbeing coach?

Some times people do not click. Call the Atrium office and talk to one of the wellbeing pathway coordinators and they will not judge you and find you another practitioner.

8. How do I complain?

Please call the Atrium office and you will be advised on our Atrium Complaints policy.

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