Mental health and wellbeing services at work

Why Atrium?

There are good reasons why Atrium is the service of choice in your business to support the wellbeing of staff. We cater to meet the needs of SME business staff  from prevention to management of mental health distress. We support staff to improve their coping skills and take responsibility for a personal wellbeing improvement plan.

How we work?

We utilise wellbeing assessment surveys, self directed resources, training for staff, access to tools including psychometrics, coaching as well as counselling.

What’s different about Atrium?

The stigma around mental health stops employees accessing EAP support and other help of their own volition. At Atrium, we promote the use of a confidential business wellbeing and engagement survey delivered to identify those who need help. In a recent study, over 80% of employees invited to our wellbeing coaching sessions took up the offer of help and 92% found it useful. The combination of these two approaches mean that our  up-take of help is a lot higher than standard EAPs.

We also combine the best of a digital approach to information and service delivery with the ‘human touch’ and the opportunity to develop a relationship with the expert helpers. In a similar vein, we like to get to know your business, so we can deliver bespoke confidential interventions that work for your business. 

Professional and qualified staff

We select evidence-based solutions to support staff needs. As such we have a diverse team of experts -occupational and counselling psychologists, mental health nurses and accredited counsellors.  

Our service offer

  1. Signpost and digitally offer clinically based resources to support staff. 
  2. Support staff with advice for the ‘problems in life’ by telephone with our wellbeing specialists and trained advisers.
  3. Offer accredited bitesize mental health learning online with clinician trainers.
  4. Provide psychologically designed surveys, counselling and coaching with a matched specialist if you need it and in confidence.
  5. Avail a ‘listening service’ to all clients in case of set back or they wish to refresh their wellbeing improvement plan for free.
  6. Encourage access to our psychometric inventories to help clients self-monitor and maintain their improvement. 
  7. Offer managed support, by client consent with manager involvement on performance based issues.
  8. Offer SME client consultations and HR  consultations with an Atrium senior clinician.
  9. Additional service options on legal and debt support plus more.

Benefits calculator

If you have 50 employees, the chances are that 8 of them will be struggling emotionally and you are losing about £50,000 per year in turnover and lost working days. If you have a 100 employees, 17 colleagues are typically suffering with roughly 439 lost working days to your organisation. With a staff count of 200, not only are you losing over £200,000 per year by not addressing wellbeing but 156 of your other employees are still vulnerable to severe mental health in the future. We can work alongside your organisation to help you reduce mental health absence by as much as 45% and improve productivity by 8%, typically. More than that, we can help you show your staff that you care about them.

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“Simple steps to improve the management of mental health in the workplace, including prevention and early identification of problems, should enable employers to save at least £8 billion a year.”
Centre for Mental health

“I just wanted a professional whom I could contact to unpick those difficult cases, to get our staff the right help quickly. I have valued getting to know my Clinical Link and the services we have designed together have been very well received by staff.” SP

HR manager
“As a SME, we did not want to pay annual subscriptions so your help -when we need it has been key in recent months. (The Atrium ) Service is always responsive and fits our requirements. It's good value for money'. DT
Workplace Leader

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