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It is hard working today. You may feel under pressure and find yourself worrying about job insecurity, loneliness, family and health issues, bereavement and the future. Perhaps you are worried about your confidence levels, general happiness or your connection to others or work. Over half of people say work is part of their worries. 

Mental health issues can sometimes be avoided if you address issues early – looking after yourself and taking steps to seek support. If  help arrives before stresses and strains become prolonged, before unhelpful thinking and coping patterns become entrenched then you can make adjustments to wellbeing more readily and feel better sooner.

Atrium has been delivering early intervention services to improve your wellbeing and mental health for over 20 years. We offer a range of services from signposting to resources, telephone information and advice to  help you address issues that are worrying you and counselling.

If your organisation has a bespoke Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) with  us, speak to your business Atrium Clinical Services link or our office can advise you of how to access those services.

You can contact us to have a free assessment session to identify what might help you going forward so we can get you into the right pathway to help.

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