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Leading wellbeing in your business

As leaders of businesses and HR service leads, you are often under significant strain yourselves with worries about the business, your staff, family and yourself.  At Atrium, our practitioners understand these dilemmas so we are there for you too. 

As  wellbeing lead for your organisation, you may face challenges supporting staff with their problems and emotional wellbeing. You probably have experienced the consequences of these issues in your staff through sickness absence, presenteeism, resistance to change and conflict. Sometimes offering staff support to address their problems such as work and family worries, mood and bereavement issues can help them give their best to work too.

We offer a range of services to manage life problems and emotional life better, improving  attendance to what matters at work. We are psychologists, mental health practitioners so we understand the context of your aspiration to help your people and we are not reliant on external clinical specialists. Our general advisers and our specialist partners are trained and qualified to ensure the highest level of service to you.

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