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Leading wellbeing in your business

As  wellbeing lead for your business, you may face challenges supporting staff across the wellbeing continuum; promoting wellbeing for the well and addressing the needs of those with pre and diagnosed conditions with their escalating difficulties.  The take-up rate of help through traditional EAPs remains low and their trained staff may be limited by the number of counselling and therapy sessions they can offer and by their limited clinical expertise. At Atrium we work with you to ensure those who need help most, get it when they need it and and with the right professional. Pay-as-you go service options are available so you know what you are getting for your money. We can provide reports on activity and clinical outcomes to help you evaluate the service.

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We are occupational and counselling psychologists, therapists and mental health practitioners. Most of the team are Masters level practitioners. We can design surveys and needs assessments as well as meet individual employee needs. Our team are registered with BACP, NCS, HCPC and are qualified to ensure the highest level of service to you.

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