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Workplace service options - including Employee assistance programme

Service options with Atrium

You buy what you need from Atrium, to meet your business requirements

  1. Adhoc services – for example; online courses or counselling sessions for your employees
  2. Specific interventions such as redundancy support workshops or ‘Talking about Race’ in your organsation using our accredited ‘GGRRAAACCCEESS’  bitesize training module. (More examples below).
  3. Integrated employee support – Consider running your employment assistance programme with Atrium which includes all or some of the features below.
  • Access to resources and bespoke services through your own EAP page
  • Counselling and other short-term psychological services
  • Money advice and debt management
  • General advice and carer support services
  • Legal information and guidance
  • Information on emotional, work-life and workplace issues
  • Management referrals and support.
  • Self referred counselling
  • Bite size training on mental health conditions
  • Psychometric and assessments to support your staff.
  • Management information on interventions
  • 24/7 access to support plus more.

We support your employees through coordinated access to our legal and financial partner network with specialist advice if it is required.

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List of our workplace and EAP policies for our EAP partner organisations

New partner organisations resources

  1. Planning to integrate your EAP service into your policies
  2. Preparing your checklist for action
  3. Template policy for EAP partner
  4. Triage and assessment policy
  5. Consent form and safeguarding policy
  6. Out of hours guide
  7. EAP client registration inclusion and additional needs
  8. Manager consented referrals for workplace performance
  9. Addressing alcohol and drugs with EAP support
  10. EAP trauma and critical incident services

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Our services

Services can be provided stand alone or in employment assistance contracted packages accessed through our client services portal.Tailored content can be created in partnership with a client.

HR and manager consultations to support your employees

We can work with you to provide the virtual service offers and actions to your wellbeing policies; the stress management programmes,  the  menopause wellbeing MOTs, wellbeing topic bitesize sessions, pre-retirement programmes,  support for carers and we can facilitate online relaxation and ‘mindfulness’ sessions. We can support you in the ‘Bad News’ times in redundancy support programmes that include preparing staff for finding work or training too. We can support you to help your managers plan and think through engagement with staff who are impacted by wellbeing issues. Our staff are clinically qualified, experienced in workplace intervention with training skills too.

Therapy or coaching or other interventions

  • We provide counselling on line to help individuals who are facing difficulties in their personal or family life, bereavement, anxiety and low mood or worries about work uncertainty.
  • We offer a managed counselling option (where the manager  can be briefed and involved in forward planning) with client consent around absence or  performance, relationships and pressures in the workplace.
  • We also provide online mental health and wellbeing assessments and reports.

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